Easy to use

Our simple control planel allows you to manage your affiliate program.

  • configure your affiliate registration page
  • describe payment options and add payout currencies
  • add promo materials and create your ads

Simple and easy to configure it allows you to manage how your affiliates promote your business. You can define your own ads, track your sales and review your affiliate program metrics.


$api = new Endorsi_api('YOUR_API_KEY');


Easy to integrate

Test our API and integrate endorsi into your website

You will love our intuitive functions, call them with simple PHP requests as you can see in our examples.

Our flexible API allows you to send the right commission for each sale.

Unlimited Affiliates

Endorsi is a full featured affiliate tracking platform with a wide range of features:

  • commision alerts
  • SEO friendly Links
  • custom design, time zones and currencies

Endorsi sets no limits to the number of affiliates, the number of offers or the space for your promo materials.